Why Is Weed Bad For You Tips On How To Stop Smoking Weed Fast

Did you know that weed was legal in the United States when Dr. William O’Shaughnessy introduced it in the 1830’s? Physicians used the feel good substance to treat a variety of diseases and control pain. Legalization came to a screeching halt in 1937 when the Federal Bureau of Narcotics reclassified pot as a narcotic. Over 75 years later, the controversy continues. Most professionals consider it bad. Users admit that they get a little buzz, chill out and munch away, but that it is no big deal. How to quit smoking weed? follow me!

Pot Delivers a Potent Punch

Marijuana is a complex molecule that contains approximately 400 different chemicals that make you feel good. The primary active ingredient is THC that lifts users to a new high. As it is absorbed into the blood stream, proteins in the spinal cord and brain activate. Grass does not dissolve in water, so it is stored in body fat. The drug remains in your system for 14-20 days. The euphoria fades away, but unknown by the user, pot continues to affect judgment, verbal expression and planning ability.

Learn the Possible Side Affects

The heart rate may decrease by 50 percent leading to heart problems. Smoking pot is more harmful than tobacco because users hold the drag. Long-term use can cause depression, anxiety and other mental issues. An estimated 10 percent of users become addicted. Users of four days a week can eliminate eight IQ points. Infrequent users are twice as likely as non-users to develop schizophrenia, and regular users are six times as likely. The increase in appetite can lead to obesity problems, and Marijuana is addictive.

Are the Worst Side Affects Unknown

Researchers do not know all the consequences of weed use. The Federal Drug Administration has made it difficult for research companies and universities to obtain weed so studies remain at a minimum. Researchers hope that since it is legal in many states for medical use and in two for recreational use, that the drug will become easier to obtain.

Tips to Break Addiction

Commit and set a stop date. Prepare mentally by understanding how Marijuana works and what to expect when you quit. Avoid situations involving pot use and discard all weed paraphernalia. Make smoking as hard for yourself as possible. You can experience a wide range of withdrawals such as anxiety, insomnia, appetite loss and many others. If it becomes too much, do not smoke. Seek medical help to get through the worst stages.

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