Kitchen Gadgets: Round Ice Ball Maker for Fun and Creative Drinks

partyfavorcupLet’s face it. Everybody likes an ice-cold drink every now and again, but simple cubes can get boring. Some people like to mix it up, but if you don’t want to get too crazy, you can always turn those squares into spheres. That is what the round ice ball maker does for you; it takes a fist-sized orb of something, and turns it into a smooth, neat ball for your pleasure.

You can use it to make regular ice balls, just fill it full of water and set it in the freezer as if it were any other ice maker. The end product will be a nice orb about two and a half inches across, providing you plenty of surface area to chill your drink almost immediately. It makes a nice solid piece that will last quite a while, which is especially good during hot summers with warm lemonade, or nights when you are drinking and do not want your liquor watered down by fast-melting ice.

But there are other ways to use the Ice Ball Maker than just filling it up with water. You can fill the maker up with fruits and juices to create a nutritious and tasteful frozen treat. Because of their size, they’re good for flavoring water, juice, or cocktail beverages. As many or as few additives can be added to find the flavor that you are after; it just takes a little experimentation and time in the freezer.

There is basically no wrong way to fill an Ice Ball. Don’t have enough fruit to fill it up? No problem. Use what you have. Chop of fruit of choice and fill it with a little water or juice, or mix yourself a smoothie to top it off. Then put it in the freezer to wait for it to freeze. Once they’re done, take them out and drop them in your glass; water, juice, tea, your favorite spirits. It is all fair game.

There are four Ice Balls in every box, meaning you can have at least four different flavors in your first go, provided that you’re so inclined. They are made of silicone and are easy to clean, plus they seal securely when in use, though you have to take care not to over-fill it.

Once you have your own set of Ice Balls, it is not hard to see why they make great party favors and better gifts. For a frozen treat, not much is better.

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