How to Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes – Isn’t As Difficult As It May Seem

The Essence Of Eye Contact

When two individuals engage in a conversation, it is essential to observe what it is that keeps both individuals interested in maintaining their attention towards one another. Perhaps it is that they are good friends and have known each other for a long time, maybe they are business partners, or maybe they just recently met and are getting to know one another. Whatever the case may be, there is are a couple of vital key components that will keep the relationship sustained. Those components can be established by increasing trust through eye contact. Eye contact is one of the main ways of showing others that the individual can be trusted and should not be mistaken for being wary or untrustworthy.

Settings That Require Eye Contact

When engaging in conversations with others, eye contact can be a way of grabbing someone’s attention by merely using the power of its affect-ability. Although one may disagree, hypnotism is certainly a plausible method of grasping either an individual’s or group’s attention. Grabbing one’s attention is important in many different scenarios, such as: class presentations, business presentations, business meetings, and even relationships.

Portraying Confidence Through Message

In order to increase one’s trustworthiness, the individual must carry themselves in a way that doesn’t necessarily scream “I want attention, look at me”, but instead in a way that expresses their confidence, knowledge, and wisdom. These are all attractive qualities about any individual, and can truly have a major impact on their relationships with anyone they come in contact with.

Hypnotism Through Eye Contact

Surprisingly, maintaining eye contact with one another can have a hypnotic effect on the listener. However, the eye contact needs to be maintained in an effective way that makes the listener truly believe what is being told. In order to maintain a stance of trustworthiness, the speaker needs to truly have knowledge in what they are saying. By being honest and knowledgeable, their confidence is automatically displayed through the way they display their words and actions. When a speaker truly knows and believes in what they are saying, their eyes will show others that they certainly know what they are talking about. This is because the eyes and body flow smoothly with one another when speaking, and any doubts or disbelieve a speaker may have about themselves will most likely be illuminated by their very own fidgeting and decreased eye contact.

Soaking In The Message Through Eye Contact

Once the listener has begun to realize that their speaker is legitimate, they will begin to lock eye contact. Without even realizing it, they have become hypnotized by what the speaker is conveying through their speech. Simultaneously, the listener will be able to grasp the message for long periods of time because they become interested in the speaker’s message, and that very interest will be soaked into the individual’s mind.


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