Eye Safety at a Glance: Protecting Your Child’s Vision

Don’t Forget That Even Though She Can’t…

Protecting a child’s vision is one of the most important responsibilities that any parent is given. It is up there with getting immunizations and medication when the child is sick.

Newborn To One Year Old

Parents need to watch for any abnormal matter in the development of the baby. Does she follow the sound of the voice with her eyes when she hears someone in the room? Does she have eye contact if one is up close to her face?

Having that said, any kind of concern should prompt a call to the baby’s pediatrician, and if he believes a visit to a pediatric ophthalmologist is in order, then it is usually best to follow that recommendation. Ideally, a baby’s eyes should be checked by the time she is one or beforehand if there are any issues.

Pregnancy And After

What is more, parents sometimes do not really see eating good, nutritious food as a way to help a child’s vision, but proper meals are vital to the entire body, starting in pregnancy. Eating healthy during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond will encourage baby to mimic mom which will give her proper nutrients, vitamins, minerals and such.

Protection Against UV Rays

Likewise, protecting a child’s vision by using sunglasses, are a way of protecting the skin and eyes of mother or child from the scalding sunshine. As a responsible parent, one makes sure his child has UV coated lenses, specifically if she is fair complexioned or the eyes are a light color.

Eye-Hand Coordination Tricks

Baby needs to develop visual skills, and there are several fun ways to help her do this. Placing items about 8-10 inches away from her eyes when showing her toys and everyday items helps the eye-hand movement development.

Sit baby in a corner of a sofa and prop her up with blankets and pillows till she is sitting with an ability to see objects about a foot or less distance away. Get the most attention with expressions, especially faces. One can hold a facial toy up for baby to focus on, and once she has, move it left to right and up to down, then vice-versa.

Helpful Eye Development Tips

Also, one can encourage baby to crawl, which aids in good eye-hand coordination. Put baby on the floor, on her stomach, placing a mirror or toy several feet away for her a goal to grasp. Mobiles over the crib, above a high chair or other play area encourages eye movement too.

Encourage Eye Movement With Sound

While dusting, reading, watching TV or any other routine mom, dad or the rest of the family, can interact with the baby. Don’t forget that even though she may not talk or walk yet, she can see and her eyes need exercise just like the rest of the body. So, when walking by her, say hello, say her name or tell her something that is funny. Her eyes will hunt until she finds the face that goes with the sound.

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