Best Small Pets for Families

There is nothing quite like bringing home a new pet for the first time. Getting to know your new friend can be one of the sweetest, most pure experiences for anyone embarking on the adventure for the very first time. Pets often bring great joy to their owners by providing reliable companionship, reducing stress and thoughts of depression, and providing a long-term, lasting friendship that will forever be etched in the memories of their faithful owners. However, selecting the right pet for your family can be one of the most difficult decisions as there are many options from which to choose. Here are a few of the most common small pets that are sure to make your family proud to own.

By far, the most popular, commonly accepted animal around the world is the dog. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes from small “pocket book” dogs to extra large “giant” dogs that can be well over 100 pounds. One of the biggest advantages to owning a dog is their companionship qualities. Dogs are extremely smart and can be taught to protect their owners as well as perform a litany of tricks and activities. Dogs have been known to live an average of 8 – 15 years with some smaller breeds living to be 20 years old. Most dogs, once completely trained, require very little daily care. Their diets are usually of the pre-packaged variety, but can be fed both vegetarian and carnivorous diets. No matter your breed preference, you’re sure to find one that will suite your needs.

The second most sought-after domesticated pet is the cat. Cats are the sweetest, most precious pet to bring home. They are extremely lively and playful, and often very eager to chase a ball of yarn or a laser pointer all around the room. As cats grow and mature, they tend to develop their own, distinct, personality that may tend to be somewhat finicky. However, cats are extremely loyal pets that never forget their owners and consistently provide devoted companionship for many years.

Probably the easiest animal to own is the fish. Fish are exceptionally easy to maintain and require very little daily upkeep. They eat pre-packaged pellets or flakes purchased from the pet store and only require the occasional clean-out of the their tank. Kept in home aquariums, studies show that watching fish swim can have many health benefits including lowered stress, decreased blood pressure, and an increased sense of calm. They add color to any room and bring peace and tranquility to your life.

One of the most cuddly animals to consider is the rabbit. These precious creatures are very calm and easy to handle. Many rabbit owners claim to have trained their rabbit to perform an array of tricks. Rabbits are very social creatures, and often want to be around their owners. It’s not uncommon to see rabbit owners that treat their rabbits much like dog owners treat their dogs. In addition, rabbits are primarily vegetarian, and require only vegetables and water for sustenance.

A somewhat unique animal to own is the parrot. These chirpy pets are known as very lively, colorful animals that bring a happy song and calming companionship to the home. Parrots tend to be pretty self-sufficient and require very little daily care. The main requirements is an appropriately sized cage, and most varieties eat seeds, fruits, and vegetables. One of the most unique qualities is their ability to mimic human voices which can be very entertaining and fun to do. A parrot that is well taken care of can live to be up to 80 years old, often outliving their owners. This makes owning a parrot a potentially life-long commitment that can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a pet owners life.

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